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7/20/2007 Welcome to the Academic Decathlon blog!

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8/2/2006 Academic Decathlon News



Academic Decathlon

Please sign up for the next Academic Decathlon meet by Wednesday at 3:30.

Academic Decathlon is both a competitive team and a credit course. We spend our time learning about a huge variety of subjects: philosophy, art, music, oceanography, history, economics, literature and many, many more.

The competition team is made up of 9 students: 3 with an "A" average, 3 with a "B" average, and 3 with a "C" average. The students chosen to be on the team compete at regional and state competitions where they compare their knowledge with other students who have a similar GPA.


Name Position
Wolf, Kelly Coach 

Parent Representatives

Jane Orrock


Name Sort Position Sort
Jeff Raggio
David Silva
Janet Orrock President
Bo Silliman Secretary
Lauren Gervais Vice-President
Brian Buch
Kris DeMaio egroup coordinator
Emma Wu
Kelly Arledge Public Relations
Scott Saldana Equipment manager
Fraser Holmes
Meghan Foster
Woody Cheatum
First Name Last Name


Year Event Award
2002-2003 State AcDec Emma Wu, 3rd place Math
2002-2003 State AcDec Woody Cheatum, 1st place interview
2002-2003 Region 12 AcDec Third Place
2002-2003 Region 12 AcDec Third Place Superquiz
2002-2003 Region 12 AcDec Third Place Superquiz Relay
2001-2002 Region 12 AcDec Third Place


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