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Department Name/Name Position Phone/Email
John Adams Second President 
leslie chen Teacher 
Dan Martin AP 
Melissa Laurel AP 
Alan Wagner Teacher  (555) 555-5555
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Ken Washam Assistant Principal 
George Washington Father of Country  (555) 555-1234
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Leslie Chen  
Brandon Dennard Assistant Principal  (999) 888-4444 x1234
Susan Atlas Administrative Assistant  Send Email
Patrick Allen Principal  (214) 555-3708
Dan Doyle Asst. Principal for Students H-N  (214) 555-3704
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Marta McDermott Asst. Principal for Curriculum & Instruction  (214) 555-3709
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Bobby Terry Asst. Principal for Students A-G  (214) 555-3703
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Micki Wesley Principal 
Administrative Assistants
Kathy Dicks Administrative Assistant for Substitutes 
Susan Green Administrative Assistant to the Principal  (214) 555-3708
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Cindy Houghton Administrative Assistant 
Denise Meehan Admin. Assistant for Discipline & Attendance  (214) 555-3710
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Jane Pascrell Administrative Assistant for Curriculum & Instruct  (214) 555-3709
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Amy Shuster Receptionist 
Tracy Vitter Administrative Assistant 
Lynn Wamp Administrative Assistant for Operations  (214) 555-3723
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Communication Technology
Barry Benyamini Teacher  (214) 555-3775
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Cecilia Emerson Lab Facilitator 
Tim Hulshof Teacher  (972) 555-5705
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Debbi Michael Teacher  (214) 555-3771
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Penny Moshkovitz Teacher  Send Email
Mark Shefler Department Chair/Teacher 
Diagnosticians & Psychologists
Steve Mollohan Psychologist 
Catherine Ose Diagnostician 
Linda Shows Diagnostician 
Amy Washam Teacher 
Skye Martin Teacher 
Anne Baldacci Teacher 
Jill Baldwin Teacher  (214) 555-3880
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Michael Brown Teacher 
Katie Capuano Teacher  (214) 555-3880
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Linder Carson Teacher 
Susan Conyers Teacher 
James Davis Teacher  (214) 555-3880
Send Email
Lori Ann Diaz-Balart Teacher  (214) 555-5748
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Fred Foley Department Chair/Teacher 
Laureen Gephardt Teacher  (214) 555-3880 x5731
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Diane Gray Teacher 
Matt Hastings Teacher 
Megan Colleen Levin Teacher  (214) 555-3880
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Jim Morella Teacher  (214) 555-3800
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Sarah Morrow Teacher 
Patti O'Malley Teacher 
Danita Ortowski Teacher 
Mark Sanders Teacher  (972) 555-3880
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Michelle Thurman Teacher  (214) 555-3880
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Susan Walsh Teacher 
Kelly Wolf Teacher and Academic Decathlon Coach  (214) 537-2140
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Fine Arts
David Blunt Teacher  (214) 555-3884
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Brian Camp Choir Director 
Jennifer Clyburn Assistant Band Director 
J.E. Dreier Teacher  (214) 555-3885
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Michael Etgar Teacher 
Vic Faintuch Teacher 
Michael Graham Teacher 
Sarabeth Johnson Teacher  (214) 555-3700
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Frank Napolitano Choir Director 
Elizabeth Simpson Journalism Adviser  (214) 555-3886
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Linda Sweeney Department Chair/Teacher  (214) 555-3829
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Nancy Touitou Teacher 
Ted Van Scoter Teacher  (214) 555-3667
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Sandy Watt Teacher/adviser  (214) 555-3880
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Food Service
Wicky DeGette Line Set-up 
Henry DeLay Supervising Cook 
Linda Hoyer Line Set-up and Cashier 
Ramiro Jefferson Line set-up and Dining Maintenance 
Joan Manzullo HPHS Food Service Director  (214) 555-3725
Send Email
Jose Moore Dish Machine Operator 
Jose Strickland Kitchen Maintenance 
Barbara Watson Supervising Line Set-up 
Donna Weiner Line Set-up and Server 
Foreign Language
Jan Boucher Teacher 
Boniface Buyer Teacher 
Amanda Christian-Christensen Teacher 
Heather Crane Teacher 
Erika Faleomavaega Teacher 
Marie Serrano Teacher 
Susanna Shimkus Teacher 
Grace Thompson Department Chair/Teacher  (214) 555-3870
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Kathy Udall Teacher 
Betty Underwood Teacher  (214) 555-3870 x5753
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Linda Upton Teacher 
Celeste Weldon Teacher 
Guidance & Counseling
Greg Bryant Counselor for students H-LA  (214) 555-3746
Send Email
Kari Clayton Counselor for students A-CON  (214) 555-3742
Send Email
Julie Combest Director of Guidance  (214) 555-3748
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Stacey Etheridge Counselor for students LE - N  (214) 555-3706
Send Email
Sam Fletcher Personal Social Counselor 
Shelle Gilman College Services Coordinator  (214) 555-3740
Send Email
Jon LaTourette Counselor for students COO-G  (214) 555-3745
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Jeff Lowey Counselor for students O - SL  (214) 555-3743
Send Email
Donna McKinney College Admissions/Scholarships  (214) 555-3739
Send Email
Cara Meek Counselor for students SM - Z  (214) 555-3741
Send Email
Linda Simmons Assistant to the Director  (214) 555-3749
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Glenda Watkins Registrar/Data Processing 
Health & P.E.
Jerry Crenshaw Cross Country & Track Coach 
Jeff Ferguson Golf Coach 
Grayson Filner Teacher / Football Coach  (214) 555-3044
Send Email
Christal Hastert Athletic Trainer  (214) 555-3040
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Orvil Jenkins Department Chair/Teacher 
Cathy McCrery Belles & P.E. 
Paula Moran Volleyball Coach  (214) 555-3733
Send Email
Rock Otter Golf Coach  Send Email
Doug Platts Head Athletic Trainer  (214) 555-3038
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Health Clinic
Julie Larson Nurse 
Chris Edwards Swimming Coach 
Don Matheson  
Tom Weldon  
Ellen Bono Library Assistant 
Susan Cummings Librarian  (214) 555-3763
Send Email
Karyn Hobson Librarian  (214) 555-3762
Send Email
Cindy Kind Library Assistant  (214) 555-3760
Send Email
Becky Mica Library Assistant 
Snead McNash Teacher 
Lori Bereuter Teacher  (972) 555-6210
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Beth Blumenauer Teacher  Send Email
Mary Bonior Teacher 
Worth Boyd Teacher 
Sandi Callahan Department Chair/Teacher 
David Conyers Teacher 
Jane Coyne Teacher  (214) 555-3840
Send Email
Melodie Culberson Teacher  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
James Greenwood Teacher 
Brandon Hinojosa Teacher/Coach  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Kelli Isakson Teacher 
Kristin King Teacher  Send Email
Elizabeth Knollenberg Teacher 
Joanna Miller Teacher  (214) 555-3840
Send Email
Greg Murtha Teacher/Girl's Varsity Soccer Coach  (972) 555-7017
Send Email
Worth Osborne Teacher 
Jason Pomeroy Teacher  (214) 555-3840
Send Email
Charles Putnam Teacher 
Jennifer Radanovich Teacher 
Sheila Riddle Teacher 
Meredith Shaw Teacher 
Worth Waters Teacher 
Mary Armey Teacher  Send Email
Wenzen Becerra Teacher  Send Email
Donna Biggert Planetarium Director  (214) 555-3858
Send Email
Jeff Bishop Department Chair/Teacher  (972) 555-1115
Send Email
Gloria Boozman Teacher  (214) 555-3805
Send Email
Kerry Duncan Chemistry and AP Environmental Science Teacher  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Trina Goode Teacher  (214) 555-2851
Send Email
Lauri Johnson Chemistry Teacher and Varsity Cheer Coach  Send Email
Shanon Jones Teacher 
Liz Kingston  
Roseanne Latham Teacher 
Mike Menendez Teacher  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Holly Rothman Teacher  Send Email
Larry Skeen Teacher 
Carla Taylor Teacher 
Barbara Tiberi Teacher  (214) 555-3319
Send Email
Lamanda Toomey Teacher 
Social Studies
Deborah Berman Teacher  (214) 555-5784
Send Email
Amie Capps Teacher 
Don DeFazio Teacher / Varsity Football, Assistant Head Coach a  (214) 555-3034
Send Email
Kevin Ehlers AP World History / HumanitiesTeacher  (214) 555-3860
Send Email
Beal Engel Teacher  (214) 555-3860
Send Email
Jay Gaoni Feldman Teacher / Athletic Trainer  (214) 555-3754
Send Email
Randy Gibbons Teacher  Send Email
Kent Gonzalez
World Geography Pre AP TaG and AP Human Geography  (214) 555-3860
Send Email
Anne Jones Teacher: World History  Send Email
Rex Kerns Teacher / Coach  (214) 555-3044
Send Email
Marilyn McGovern Teacher/Student Council Sponsor  (214) 555-4707
Send Email
Tom McNulty Teacher  Send Email
Skip Ney Dean of Students, Department Chair  (214) 555-3707
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Hilda Pastor Teacher  Send Email
Tim Quinn Teacher, Head Wrestling Coach  (214) 555-3860
Send Email
Bette Roemer Teacher, World Geography and German  (972) 555-2431
Send Email
Greg Ross Teacher / Varsity Football  Send Email
Lee Shays
US History and US Government  (214) 555-3860
Send Email
Lew Tauzin Teacher, World History  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Cynthia Thompson AP US History/US History  (214) 555-3680
Send Email
Larry Vacancy Teacher  (214) 555-3860
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Special Services
Pamela Barcia Instructional Aide  (214) 555-4790
Send Email
Janet Barr Teacher 
Bette Davis Teacher 
Sue Delahunt Coordinator  (214) 555-4792
Send Email
Mary "Kathy" Dunn  
Susan Gordon Teacher  (214) 555-5809
Send Email
Dianne Honda Administrative Assistant  (214) 555-3797
Send Email
Cynthia Hooley Teacher 
Deborah Lantos Teacher 
Diana McKeon Teacher  (214) 555-3795
Send Email
Cliff Oberstar Teacher  (214) 555-3700
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Edna Price Instructional Aide 
Carol Ros-Lehtinen Teacher 
Buffy Sawyer Teacher 
John Shadegg Teacher 

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