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Art 1
    Period: 2
    Period: 3
    Period: 8
Art 1: (TAG Curriculum/Instruction)
    Period: 6
Art II Drawing
    Period: 1
    Period: 7
Art IV Drawing AP Portfolio
    Period: 1
    Period: 7

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Sarabeth Johnson

Position Teacher
Office Hours 7 a.m.--8 a.m.
If a student has lunch 5th or 6th, they may come in and work after they have eaten lunch.
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Phone (214) 555-3700
Hobbies I am an artist and I like to draw figures and portraits. I also am a paper maker. I use natural fibers and dyes with my paper. I use the paper to make journals and collages and to draw and print on. I also like to sew and smock.
Favorite Thing I love anything connected with Santas and Christmas
City of Birth Teague, Tx
Academic Specialties I am certified to teach all levels of art K-12. I also have the graduate couse work and endorsement for gifted. I have spent most of my summers taking studio courses in many varied areas of art. I majored in sculpture in college and went an extra year to pick up the teaching certificate. I have in past high school teaching positions, taught silversmithing, batik, ceramics, silk screening, and painting.
Year Hired 1975
Where I've Traveled and Lived
  Teague, Tx 
I was born in Teague, Texas but moved to Tulsa Oklahoma as a baby. My father was a research chemist at that time with Standard Oil. 
  Tulsa, Ok 
  Odessa , Tx 
  Vivian , La 
  Brownsville, Tx 
  Joliet, Illinois 
I started kindergarten in Tulsa, Ok. My dad then left research and went into working as a chemist within the industry side of Standard Oil and he was transferred to Odessa, Tx. This was is the big oil boom times in the 1950's and I started first grade there. He was transferred after 13 months to Vivian, La. and so we moved again. I finished 1st grade and went through 4 grade in Vivian. We moved to Brownsville, Tx. and I went from 5 through 7 grade there. My dad was transferred again to Joliet, Ill. and there I went from 8 grade through high school.  
I have traveled through most of the U.S. and a number of countries outside of the U.S. Because of living on the border of Mexico for part of my youth, I traveled there often. I spent 3 months in Belguim the summer my father was sent over to start up the chemistry lab at Amaco's new plant in Gael, Belgium. That summer I also traveled around Europe meeting some of my college friends who were touring various parts also. I went to Panama and Guatemala over a Christmas break one year. I spent a month in Melbourne, Australia one summer visiting an Australian college friend. I spent 2 weeks living with a Russian family a few years ago through Odssey of the Mind connections. As a family, my husband, daugher and I have traveled to England, Scotland and France. 



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