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Tom McNulty

Position Teacher
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Hobbies I travel with a group of Seniors to Europe every summer.
Favorite Thing My wife, Deb
Motto Don't be a sponge!
City of Birth Lawrence, Kansas
Academic Specialties European History
Year Hired 1990
Where I've Traveled and Lived
1997  Santorini, Greece 
The most beautiful spot in this world! To watch the sun set on that island is to see proof of God's existence. 
1997  Athens, Greece 
The Parthenon, the Plaka, & the original Olympians! 
1999  Salzburg, Austria 
The Salt mines, the Sound of Music, great food, and castles. 
1999  Munich, Germany 
Dachau, BMW's, the autobahn, & not-so-good food! 
2003  Paris, France 
Have you been to the Parisian catacombs? 
2003  Zermatt, Switzerland 
Home of the Matterhorne, paragliding, great watches, and the sausage man! 
2003  London, England 
It's tough to beat a meal at the Texas Embassy followed by a stirring performance of Les Miserables! 
2003  Florence, Italy 
My favorite city in Europe! So much to see and do in such a small area. David, Mona Lisa, Botticelli, Donatello, the Ufizi, & gelato! 
2003  Rome, Italy 
Tough to beat the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, the Forum, the Coloseum, & St. Peters for the miracle of human endeavor & creativity! 



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