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Name Position Phone/Email


John Adams Second President 
Patrick Allen Principal  (214) 555-3708
Mary Armey Teacher  Send Email
Susan Atlas Administrative Assistant  Send Email


Anne Baldacci Teacher 
Jill Baldwin Teacher  (214) 555-3880
Send Email
Pamela Barcia Instructional Aide  (214) 555-4790
Send Email
Janet Barr Teacher 
Wenzen Becerra Teacher  Send Email
Barry Benyamini Teacher  (214) 555-3775
Send Email
Lori Bereuter Teacher  (972) 555-6210
Send Email
Deborah Berman Teacher  (214) 555-5784
Send Email
Donna Biggert Planetarium Director  (214) 555-3858
Send Email
Jeff Bishop Department Chair/Teacher  (972) 555-1115
Send Email
Beth Blumenauer Teacher  Send Email
David Blunt Teacher  (214) 555-3884
Send Email
Mary Bonior Teacher 
Ellen Bono Library Assistant 
Gloria Boozman Teacher  (214) 555-3805
Send Email
Jan Boucher Teacher 
Worth Boyd Teacher 
Michael Brown Teacher 
Greg Bryant Counselor for students H-LA  (214) 555-3746
Send Email
Boniface Buyer Teacher 


Sandi Callahan Department Chair/Teacher 
Brian Camp Choir Director 
Amie Capps Teacher 
Katie Capuano Teacher  (214) 555-3880
Send Email
Linder Carson Teacher 
Leslie Chen  
leslie chen Teacher 
Amanda Christian-Christensen Teacher 
Kari Clayton Counselor for students A-CON  (214) 555-3742
Send Email
Jennifer Clyburn Assistant Band Director 
Julie Combest Director of Guidance  (214) 555-3748
Send Email
David Conyers Teacher 
Susan Conyers Teacher 
Jane Coyne Teacher  (214) 555-3840
Send Email
Heather Crane Teacher 
Jerry Crenshaw Cross Country & Track Coach 
Melodie Culberson Teacher  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Susan Cummings Librarian  (214) 555-3763
Send Email


Bette Davis Teacher 
James Davis Teacher  (214) 555-3880
Send Email
Don DeFazio Teacher / Varsity Football, Assistant Head Coach a  (214) 555-3034
Send Email
Wicky DeGette Line Set-up 
Sue Delahunt Coordinator  (214) 555-4792
Send Email
Henry DeLay Supervising Cook 
Brandon Dennard Assistant Principal  (999) 888-4444 x1234
Lori Ann Diaz-Balart Teacher  (214) 555-5748
Send Email
Kathy Dicks Administrative Assistant for Substitutes 
Dan Doyle Asst. Principal for Students H-N  (214) 555-3704
Send Email
J.E. Dreier Teacher  (214) 555-3885
Send Email
Kerry Duncan Chemistry and AP Environmental Science Teacher  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Mary "Kathy" Dunn  


Chris Edwards Swimming Coach 
Kevin Ehlers AP World History / HumanitiesTeacher  (214) 555-3860
Send Email
Cecilia Emerson Lab Facilitator 
Beal Engel Teacher  (214) 555-3860
Send Email
Michael Etgar Teacher 
Stacey Etheridge Counselor for students LE - N  (214) 555-3706
Send Email


Vic Faintuch Teacher 
Erika Faleomavaega Teacher 
Jeff Ferguson Golf Coach 
Grayson Filner Teacher / Football Coach  (214) 555-3044
Send Email
Sam Fletcher Personal Social Counselor 
Fred Foley Department Chair/Teacher 


Jay Gaoni Feldman Teacher / Athletic Trainer  (214) 555-3754
Send Email
Laureen Gephardt Teacher  (214) 555-3880 x5731
Send Email
Randy Gibbons Teacher  Send Email
Shelle Gilman College Services Coordinator  (214) 555-3740
Send Email
Kent Gonzalez
World Geography Pre AP TaG and AP Human Geography  (214) 555-3860
Send Email
Trina Goode Teacher  (214) 555-2851
Send Email
Susan Gordon Teacher  (214) 555-5809
Send Email
Michael Graham Teacher 
Diane Gray Teacher 
Susan Green Administrative Assistant to the Principal  (214) 555-3708
Send Email
James Greenwood Teacher 


Christal Hastert Athletic Trainer  (214) 555-3040
Send Email
Matt Hastings Teacher 
Brandon Hinojosa Teacher/Coach  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Karyn Hobson Librarian  (214) 555-3762
Send Email
Dianne Honda Administrative Assistant  (214) 555-3797
Send Email
Cynthia Hooley Teacher 
Cindy Houghton Administrative Assistant 
Linda Hoyer Line Set-up and Cashier 
Tim Hulshof Teacher  (972) 555-5705
Send Email


Kelli Isakson Teacher 


Ramiro Jefferson Line set-up and Dining Maintenance 
Orvil Jenkins Department Chair/Teacher 
Lauri Johnson Chemistry Teacher and Varsity Cheer Coach  Send Email
Sarabeth Johnson Teacher  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Anne Jones Teacher: World History  Send Email
Shanon Jones Teacher 


Rex Kerns Teacher / Coach  (214) 555-3044
Send Email
Cindy Kind Library Assistant  (214) 555-3760
Send Email
Kristin King Teacher  Send Email
Liz Kingston  
Elizabeth Knollenberg Teacher 


Deborah Lantos Teacher 
Julie Larson Nurse 
Roseanne Latham Teacher 
Jon LaTourette Counselor for students COO-G  (214) 555-3745
Send Email
Megan Colleen Levin Teacher  (214) 555-3880
Send Email
Jeff Lowey Counselor for students O - SL  (214) 555-3743
Send Email


Joan Manzullo HPHS Food Service Director  (214) 555-3725
Send Email
Dan Martin AP 
Skye Martin Teacher 
Don Matheson  
Cathy McCrery Belles & P.E. 
Marta McDermott Asst. Principal for Curriculum & Instruction  (214) 555-3709
Send Email
Marilyn McGovern Teacher/Student Council Sponsor  (214) 555-4707
Send Email
Diana McKeon Teacher  (214) 555-3795
Send Email
Donna McKinney College Admissions/Scholarships  (214) 555-3739
Send Email
Snead McNash Teacher 
Tom McNulty Teacher  Send Email
Denise Meehan Admin. Assistant for Discipline & Attendance  (214) 555-3710
Send Email
Cara Meek Counselor for students SM - Z  (214) 555-3741
Send Email
Melissa Laurel AP 
Mike Menendez Teacher  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Becky Mica Library Assistant 
Debbi Michael Teacher  (214) 555-3771
Send Email
Joanna Miller Teacher  (214) 555-3840
Send Email
Steve Mollohan Psychologist 
Jose Moore Dish Machine Operator 
Paula Moran Volleyball Coach  (214) 555-3733
Send Email
Jim Morella Teacher  (214) 555-3800
Send Email
Sarah Morrow Teacher 
Penny Moshkovitz Teacher  Send Email
Greg Murtha Teacher/Girl's Varsity Soccer Coach  (972) 555-7017
Send Email


Frank Napolitano Choir Director 
Skip Ney Dean of Students, Department Chair  (214) 555-3707
Send Email


Cliff Oberstar Teacher  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Patti O'Malley Teacher 
Danita Ortowski Teacher 
Worth Osborne Teacher 
Catherine Ose Diagnostician 
Rock Otter Golf Coach  Send Email


Jane Pascrell Administrative Assistant for Curriculum & Instruct  (214) 555-3709
Send Email
Hilda Pastor Teacher  Send Email
Doug Platts Head Athletic Trainer  (214) 555-3038
Send Email
Jason Pomeroy Teacher  (214) 555-3840
Send Email
Edna Price Instructional Aide 
Charles Putnam Teacher 


Tim Quinn Teacher, Head Wrestling Coach  (214) 555-3860
Send Email


Jennifer Radanovich Teacher 
Sheila Riddle Teacher 
Bette Roemer Teacher, World Geography and German  (972) 555-2431
Send Email
Carol Ros-Lehtinen Teacher 
Greg Ross Teacher / Varsity Football  Send Email
Holly Rothman Teacher  Send Email


Mark Sanders Teacher  (972) 555-3880
Send Email
Buffy Sawyer Teacher 
Marie Serrano Teacher 
John Shadegg Teacher 
Meredith Shaw Teacher 
Lee Shays
US History and US Government  (214) 555-3860
Send Email
Mark Shefler Department Chair/Teacher 
Susanna Shimkus Teacher 
Linda Shows Diagnostician 
Amy Shuster Receptionist 
Linda Simmons Assistant to the Director  (214) 555-3749
Send Email
Elizabeth Simpson Journalism Adviser  (214) 555-3886
Send Email
Larry Skeen Teacher 
Jose Strickland Kitchen Maintenance 
Linda Sweeney Department Chair/Teacher  (214) 555-3829
Send Email


Lew Tauzin Teacher, World History  (214) 555-3700
Send Email
Carla Taylor Teacher 
Bobby Terry Asst. Principal for Students A-G  (214) 555-3703
Send Email
Cynthia Thompson AP US History/US History  (214) 555-3680
Send Email
Grace Thompson Department Chair/Teacher  (214) 555-3870
Send Email
Michelle Thurman Teacher  (214) 555-3880
Send Email
Barbara Tiberi Teacher  (214) 555-3319
Send Email
Lamanda Toomey Teacher 
Nancy Touitou Teacher 


Kathy Udall Teacher 
Betty Underwood Teacher  (214) 555-3870 x5753
Send Email
Linda Upton Teacher 


Larry Vacancy Teacher  (214) 555-3860
Send Email
Ted Van Scoter Teacher  (214) 555-3667
Send Email
Tracy Vitter Administrative Assistant 


Alan Wagner Teacher  (555) 555-5555
Send Email
Susan Walsh Teacher 
Lynn Wamp Administrative Assistant for Operations  (214) 555-3723
Send Email
Amy Washam Teacher 
Ken Washam Assistant Principal 
George Washington Father of Country  (555) 555-1234
Send Email
Worth Waters Teacher 
Glenda Watkins Registrar/Data Processing 
Barbara Watson Supervising Line Set-up 
Sandy Watt Teacher/adviser  (214) 555-3880
Send Email
Donna Weiner Line Set-up and Server 
Celeste Weldon Teacher 
Tom Weldon  
Micki Wesley Principal 
Kelly Wolf Teacher and Academic Decathlon Coach  (214) 537-2140
Send Email

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