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Handbook: Mission, Commitment, Motto, etc.


Our Mission

The mission of Central High School is to provide an environment which will enable students to develop and to continue the lifelong academic, cultural, and physical aspects of learning in order to foster visionary, progressive individuals who will strive toward excellence with a sense of global and technological awareness and who will go forth to serve the community and the world as responsible citizens.

Our Commitment

Because "the spirit of a people is disclosed by the education of its youth," each of us in our school community commits to enrich life by cultivating:

  • Knowledge and a lifetime love of learning,
  • Responsible citizenship and compassionate tolerance, and
  • Self-disciplined confidence and integrity

    So that they may "Enter to Learn - Go Forth to Serve."

    To plant we must desire,
    To cultivate we must care,
    At harvest we must renew
    Our desire.

Student Commitment Statement

We, the student body, strive to surpass the standards of an exemplary school through exhibiting unity among diversity, demonstrating commitment to improving ourselves, and representing the highest degree of integrity to strengthen the future of Central High school.


Central High School Motto

"Enter to learn; Go forth to serve."

Alma Mater

All hail to thee, Dear High Park High
The school we love so dear.
We'll shout thy praise to all the world
Which echoes far and near.
Thy fame and splendor we'll uphold;
Thy greatness we'll proclaim.
We'll honor and we'll cherish thee--
Dear High Park High.

Scots' Fight Song

Hail to the fighting Scotties!
Like the warriors of old
They are brave and bold.
Hail to the Scotties!
All their foes they do defy.
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Fight, you Scotties! We're backing you.
Through tradition we'll ever be true.
Why don't you fight for the honor of your team
And the glory of High Park High?

  • The official emblem of Central High School is the Central Yearbook dressed in a kilt and carrying Central Newss.
  • School colors are gold and dark blue.
  • Students of Central are referred to as Scots.



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