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Dan S. Martin

  • M.A. Education Administration, University of North Texas, 2001
  • M.A. History, minor Philosophy, University of North Texas, 1998
  • B.A. History, minor Political Science, Sam Houston State University, 1991

  • Teacher at Lewisville High School and Lewisville High School North.
  • Assistant Principal at Highland Park High School, Gainesville High School, and DeLay Middle School in Lewisville ISD. 
  • Principal of Decatur Intermediate. 
  • EdConnections school automation and education trend consulting. 


After thirteen rewarding years in public education, I made a bold decision. 

I had always been on the leading edge of technology use on campus.  As a teacher in the mid-nineties, I invested $3200 of my own money to buy a classroom projection system that would cost about $600 today!  Every 400 hours of use I had to purchase a $450 lamp.  Nonetheless, the value it added to my classroom was priceless.

As a teacher, all of my course materials were saved in user friendly format and packaged on a single CD-ROM that was distributed to each student and parent at the beginning of the school year.  It was the nineties, before we could easily post our documents, graphics, and other course files.  Today that technology application is so out-of-date!  Back then, I was lauded for it!

Through my time as a school administrator I had a unique opportunity to collaborate with Harry Tennant & Associates.  This began when I was hired as an Assistant Principal at Highland Park High School.  We had one of the best schools in the nation, but an equally poor website.  Patrick Cates, long-time Principal of HPHS, empowered me to design and implement a new website befitting a quality school.  I did so in collaboration with Harry Tennant.

Nine years ago, Dr. Tennant was known for his many accomplishments outside of K-12 education.  On behalf of Highland Park, at that time we began discussing my vision of what a quality data-based managed school website would look like. I take great pride in this development process.  What we developed was on the leading edge of the curve.

Since then, Dr. Tennant and I have collaborated on numerous school automation solutions that have always been on the leading edge of school automation solutions.  During my thirteen years in public education, and most specifically in my seven years as an administrator, my only payment for this collaboration was the utility Harry Tennant's EdClick products offered my schools.  That was plenty!

I have now contracted with EdClick to provide product development support, customer support, and other related services.  The bold decision I mentioned at the beginning of this bio was to take a hiatus from public education in order to apply my knowledge, experience, and skills to private sector initiatives tackling 21st Century education challenges.  The opportunity to work with Dr. Tennant on cutting edge technology solutions in education is exciting.  Though I will likely return to school administration at some point in the future, what I am doing now is improving education for so many students and colleagues on campuses across the country!  Either way, I am fulfilling my mission as an educator!

Please feel welcome to contact me at



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