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The PTA has monthly meetings throughout the school year. They are held at the Education Center
5120 Orchard Ave. The meetings start at 6:45.

* Sept 18 - PTA kick off
* Oct 16 - Non-verbal Learning Disability Part 2
* Nov 20 - Sensory Integration
* Dec - No Meeting HAPPY HOLIDAYS
* Jan 15 - Binder Training
* Feb 19 - Recreation Open Houuse
* Mar 18 - Activity Night
* Apr 1 - Inclusion
* May 13 - Election and Planning for the new school year
* June 3 - Year in Closing and Scholarshhip Presentation

We are here to help parents who have children with special needs. Please seek us out via email or at meetings. Our goals include providing information to parents so they can best advocate for their children. Let us know what you need to fulfill the special role you have as a parent of a student(s) with special needs, if you know of other valuable websites, or to give us feedback on how we can better help you. Your feedback and involvement is welcomed. Please sign our guestbook, we value you letting us know you've letting us know you stopped by!

This page is maintained by the PTA & we do not endorse or support the above advertisers or Express Page; although we are very happy that they are allowing us to provide this to you. This website is not sanctioned by the School District.



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