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Handbook: Senior Awards


The awards listed below are those that originate at Central High School or are given every year to CentralHS graduating seniors. In most cases the applications may be picked up in the Counseling Office after February. Highest and Second Highest Graduates, also known as the Valedictorian and Salutatorian, are designated on the basis of their scholastic work during the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. Competition is on the basis of subjects taken during each of these four years and during summer sessions at Central.

National Honor Society Achievement Awards, better known as the “Blanket Awards,” are given to the graduating boy and girl who have made the highest number of points on accomplishments, specified by the National Honor Society, during the freshman, the sophomore, the junior, and the senior years.

Honor Graduates are those seniors recognized as being in the top 5% (summa cum laude), top 10% (magna cum laude), and top 15% (cum laude).

The English Award goes to a graduating senior outstanding in composition and in the understanding and appreciation of literature. The winner is determined by scholastic work in English.

The Latin Award is given to the senior who has maintained the highest average in an advanced Latin class.

The French Award goes to the senior who has the highest average in French on the basis of grades earned during his sophomore, junior, and senior years at Central High School. The recipient must be completing the fourth or fifth level of French.

The Spanish Award goes to the senior who has the highest average in Spanish on the basis of grades earned during his sophomore, junior, and senior years at Central High School. The recipient must be completing the fourth or fifth level of Spanish.

The German Award is given to the senior who has an outstanding grade average (90 or more) in German 3 or 4, and who has demonstrated extraordinary interest in German literature, culture, events, and the prospect of further German study.

The Speech Award is awarded to the graduating senior who has made distinctive contributions to the speech program through participation in forensic events, dedication to and improvement of self and fellow students, and continual progress in the development of forensic skills.

The Drama Award goes to the senior who has shown outstanding achievement in drama and whose contribution to the department has been most significant.

The Mathematics Award goes to a graduating senior who has been in the honors program at Central High School, has a high grade point average, has been a positive influence among peers and has performed at a level appropriate to the studentÂ’s ability as assessed by mathematics faculty in the honors program.

The Social Studies Award is given to the graduating student who has displayed outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and citizenship.

The Park Cities Medical Association Award goes to the senior who is planning a major in a science or mathematics field and who has had three years of science (biology, chemistry, and physics), four years of mathematics, and four years of English. The winner, who must have an acceptable citizenship record, is determined by grades made in science, mathematics, and English.

The Laurence Perrine Award is given in memory of Dr. Laurence Perrine, professor of English at Southern Methodist University, whose scholarly dedication to the study of poetry has inspired so many through the years. This award is presented that Central senior who has demonstrated a sensitivity to and appreciation of the art of poetry.

The Mary Dillard Award was established by the Central High School English department in honor of Mary Dillard and is presented to a graduating senior who has maintained strong scholarship in English and who has demonstrated integrity, leadership, community service, and dedication to educational opportunity.

The Hi-Lite Scholarship Award is given to a graduating senior girl outstanding in service, scholarship, and scholastic achievement. Consideration is also given to the financial need of the applicant.

The Stanton Gage Memorial Art Award is presented to the graduating art student who has made a distinctive contribution to the art of the school and w ho has earned an A average in Art. The winning student must excel in an art competition containing five pieces of his work completed in art class during the senior year. In addition, the winner must have had a minimum of three years in the high school art program. Selection is made by a faculty committee after viewing each of the entrants’ displayed works.

Local Scholarship Awards

Most applications for local scholarship awards may be picked up in the counseling office after February of the school year and are available on line.

The Myrtillie Bradfield Scholarship Award is given in memory of a former Central Latin teacher. The award is based upon a senior’s academic record, financial need, citizenship, and future goals.

Ben W. Wiseman Scholarships, established by the Central High School PTA, are in memory of the principal of the high school who served for 34 years and made innumerable contributions to the school. These scholarships are based on need for financial assistance. Consideration is also given to academics. Scholarships are also awarded to teachers throughout the district to help fund advanced degree and enrichment programs. (Funded through the Ben W. Wiseman Scholarship Fund)

The Lads and Lassies Scholarship Award goes to the senior choir student who has completed at least two full year of membership in the organization. Criteria for selection include service, vocal ability, promotion of the choir and the choral department, and the possibility of the winner’s being a music major in college.

The Howard McLean Journalism Scholarship Award goes to a senior student who has demonstrated talent and competence in journalism. The recipient, chosen by a faculty committee, receives the income from an investment donated in memory of the 1976 business manager of the Central News.

The Marta Steward Scholarship Award honors a former Central social studies teacher. Financial need, academic achievement, and interest in teaching as a profession are considerations in selecting the winners of the award.

Central Education Association awards a scholarship to an outstanding senior of an H.P.E.A. member who demonstrates academic achievement and contribution to school affairs.

Central Sports Club awards scholarships each year to graduating seniors whose parents are employees of Central.

National Council of Teachers of English Award winner are recognized as the best high school writers in the United States; their selection is based on a competition held in the spring of the preceding year.

The Rhode Island School of Design presents an award to graduating senior art students in selected high schools across the nation.

The James A. Martin IV Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a senior band student who is the first chair player in at least a two-chair section and who has the highest scholastic standing of all graduating seniors in the band.

The Charlie Story Scholarship is awarded to a senior boy every year. This scholarship is in memory of Charles Mauldin Story, a CentralHS junior who died of leukemia after a courageous nine-month battle. Started by CharlieÂ’s friends, the scholarship remembers this well-liked young man who loved sports and outdoor activities and touched others with his courage, compassion and tenacious good spirits. (Funded through the Central ISD Education Foundation.)

CentralHS Alumni Association Scholarship has been awarded to seniors since the funding was established in 1991. Proceeds from the annual Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner benefit the Scholarship Fund, along with contributions from former students and classes. (Funded through the CentralHS Alumni Association)

Judy Jones Memorial Scholarship is in memory of this dedicated and much loved middle school teacher. It was started by her family with contributions from fellow teachers, students and friends to help a student who is considering a career in education. (Funded through the Central ISD Education Foundation)

Kellis G. White Scholarship was established in 1992 upon the retirement of Kellis G. White. This scholarship recognizes Mr. White’s years of invaluable service and special contributions to generations of students. The first scholarships were awarded in 1993. Individuals chosen should truly be “unsung heroes” who deserve recognition for contributions that typically go unnoticed publicly. Selection criteria includes three years of participation in Central extracurricular activities between 7-12 grades, quality of character, unselfishness in participation, and a giving spirit personified by Kellis White. (Funded through the CentralHS Alumni Association)

Karen Spurgeon McCarthy Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one senior in memory of Karen McCarthy who passed away in 1997. As a parent and community volunteer, Mrs. McCarthy gave generously of her time and talents, which included leadership positions on the high school and University Park Elementary School PTAs.

Dale Lawrence Scholarship is sponsored by the Park Cities ACLD and is for a senior who has overcome challenges (physical or mental) and for the studentÂ’s contributions to CentralHS.

CentralHS Class of 61 Scholarship was begun in 1994 by the graduating class of 1961. This scholarship is to be awarded to a senior to help defray the cost of college. Both academics and financial need are considered.

Tracy Wills Scholarship is given in memory of Tracy Wills who died during her sophomore year at CentralHS. This scholarship will be given to a senior who exemplifies high academics, outstanding character and leadership. (Managed by the Central ISD Education Foundation)

First National Bank of Park Cities Community Service Scholarship is awarded to a senior who has made a significant contribution to community service and who has great involvement in extracurricular activities at CentralHS.

C.A.R.E. (Chemical Awareness Resources and Education) Scholarship is given to a senior who has given at least ten hours of service through S.T.A.N.D., C.A.R.E. or other drug/alcohol prevention/educational programs or Challenge, Alateen, Alanon or other organizations that have contact with people who have substance abuse issues (homeless shelters, etc.)

Park Cities Exchange Club Scholarship is awarded to a senior who demonstrates need. The student should also have good grades, community involvement and leadership skills.

Jacob Cronin Scholarship is awarded to one senior boy and one senior girl each year. This scholarship is given to a student who shows a willingness to help others, a positive attitude, sense of humor and a zest for life.

S.T.A.N.D. (Scots Tackle Alcohol, Nicotine and Drugs) Scholarship is funded by Eleanor Mowery-Sheets and is given to a member of S.T.A.N.D. who is living a drug, alcohol, and nicotine-free lifestyle. This student will also have exhibited themselves as a positive roll model and leader.

Hall of Fame Awards (revised 2003)

The Hall of Fame consists of students who, because of outstanding service in extracurricular activities, school organizations, and publications, earn either Maximum OfficersÂ’ Awards, Gold HÂ’s, Silver HÂ’s, or Bronze HÂ’s. The activities concerned are the Student Council, Spirit Committee, Cheerleaders, Band, Highland Belles, The Central News, The Central Yearbook, Tartan, CentralTV, Student Congress and Community Service Council.


Maximum OfficerÂ’s Awards, Gold HÂ’s, and Silver HÂ’s should be awarded only for work that:

  1. spans the entire school year.
  2. requires effort on a weekly or daily basis.
  3. is a service to the entire school.
  4. requires leadership and supervisory effort on the part of the student.
  5. demonstrates cooperation with students, sponsors, and faculty.
  6. shows consistency and quality of work.
  7. demonstrates appreciation and knowledge of responsibility involved in holding these positions.
  8. exemplifies qualities of leadership, character, and responsibility commensurate with the honor of such position.
  9. and clearly represents the excellent performance of service above and beyond the general expectations of the position.


  1. Sponsors of organizations concerned will be the judges of the criteria for selection. When sought, advice from the Hall of Fame Committee may be solicited.
  2. Sponsors may downgrade Maximum OfficersÂ’ Awards, Gold HÂ’s, and Silver HÂ’s at their discretion.
  3. Bronze HÂ’s may be given by sponsors in unlimited numbers for excellent performance in less responsible positions following criteria listed above. discretion.
  4. At their discretion, sponsors may set up additional judging criteria for their specific activities (consistent with these) which will aid in their selections.
  5. The Hall of Fame Committee will consist of one sponsor from each organization concerned and one campus administrator serving as ex-officio member.
  6. Sponsors are not obligated to award the maximum number allotted each year. Unawarded HÂ’s do not carry over to the next year.



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