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Handbook: Additional Important Information



Announcements will be made on the PA system during 2nd period following the Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence. Clubs, teams, and other groups should submit their announcements in writing to the Assistant Principals office at least two days in advance.

Announcements on the PA will be limited to school-wide activities or events of interest. Other announcements, such as those for a specific group, will be broadcast on the video announcement system in the cafeteria.

Appeal Procedure

If a student or parent/guardian has a classroom concern, the following appeal procedure should be used:

Step 1: The student consults directly with the teacher involved and his/her counselor. If the problem is not resolved,

Step 2: The parent/guardian consults directly with the teacher and/or the student's counselor via telephone or email. If necessary, the parent / guardian requests a personal conference. The counselor will help schedule the conference if requested. If the problem is not resolved,

Step 3: The parent/guardian may consult with the teacher’s department chair and/or the teacher's administrative supervisor via telephone or email. If necessary the parent/guardian may request a conference with the department chair and/or the teacher's administrative supervisor. If the problem is not resolved,

Step 4: The parent/guardian may request a conference with the principal or designee.

Members of the public having complaints regarding the District's policies, procedures, or operations may present their complaints or concerns to the Board after following the procedure defined in this policy. The Board intends that, whenever feasible, complaints shall be resolved at the lowest possible administrative level

Public complaints regarding instructional and library materials are addressed at Central policy EFA and complaints against peace officers, at CKE. Complaints brought by students and parents are addressed with Central policy FNG.

Athletic Commitment to Excellence Fee

The fee for participation in athletics is $250. If a student participates in more than one sport per school year, the athletic fee is paid one time only.

Building Security

Students must be under the direct supervision of an CentralHS staff member while in the school building. Because of safety and security liability, students are not permitted to be in the building, gyms, pool, stadium or other athletic facilities by themselves. Anyone loitering/gathering in the building, in the parking garage, and or in other areas of the campus after hours and/or without supervision may be subject to campus disciplinary action and/or arrest by police.

Central High School will utilize a variety of security measures as allowed by law and district policy, including but not restricted to drug-sniffing dogs, weapons-sniffing dogs, security camera systems, and crisis drills.

Business Office / Textbooks

The school Business Office and Textbook Distribution Center, located in G102, is open each school day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Each student is issued textbooks using a bar coding system. Students are responsible for maintaining and turning in the books issued to them. If a student turns in a book bar coded for another student, he or she is still responsible for finding and turning in his or her own textbook to prevent being assessed a fine for a lost book. Students are also responsible for any damage done to a book issued to them, even if the book is returned by another student.

Lost and damaged textbooks are returned to the Business Office. Students will be assessed fines for losing or damaging textbooks. A list of fines is posted in the Bookroom. Fines are due and payable when billed. Bills will be mailed to the address of record no later than ten (10) business days after the last day of final exams. If a student fails to pay for a lost book, he or she forfeits the right to have textbooks issued on a temporary basis to be taken home for study. Upon request, a textbook will be provided for use in the classroom during each school day.

The Business Office supplies free book covers since the State requires that all textbooks be covered.

Cancellation of School Due to Weather

In case of extreme weather conditions when transportation to and from school poses a threat to the safety of students, it is advised that students listen to local radio and television stations, the school phone system, the Park Cities Cable Television's Channel 16, the CentralHS website, or e-mail groups for special announcements regarding closing of the school. The days missed due to cancellation will be rescheduled. The Hotline for weather information is 214-780-3333. The high school website is

Cellular Telephones, Other Electronic Devices

The use of cell phones, pagers, radios, CD or tape players, laser pointers, etc. is strictly forbidden at CentralHS during the school day except in the cafeteria during lunch or senior open period.

Students are permitted to have cellular telephones in their possession at school and school-related activities or events. Students may not have the cell phone turned on during the school day so that it rings or vibrates, and students are not permitted to make or receive phone calls inside the building during the school day except in the cafeteria during their lunch period or senior open period.

Students are not allowed to use pay phones or office phones during class time except in the case of an emergency. Teachers must give students permission to leave class to use a phone in the attendance office, counselors suite, or the main office in an emergency.

Changes of Address and Telephone Number

A student's change of address or telephone number must be reported to the attendance office immediately. Any changes in parents' employment or telephone numbers should be reported immediately so that school records are always accurate. This is especially important in case of an emergency.


Central High School strongly encourages club participation; we feel it provides opportunities for school involvement, service hours, and leadership. Club participation is voluntary. The following listing of clubs is subject to change:

65 Roses

Lighthouse Limited
Best Buddies Model United Nations
BMX Club Mu Alpha Theta
Book Club National Art Honor Society
Business Club National Forensics League
Ceramics Club National Honor Society
Community Service Council Ninja Club
Cooking Club Peer Mediators
Cultural Sensitivity Committee Powerlifting Club
Donations for the Homeless Pre-Med Club
Fashion Club Red Cross Chapter

FCA  Boys

FCA Girls Roots and Shoots
Feed My Starving Children Running Club
Field and Stream Spanish Honor Society
Film Appreciation Club Spirit Committee
Flag and Rifle Club START
French Club Student Congress

French Honor Society

Student Council
Gay-Straight Alliance SWADE
German Club TARTAN
Guitar Club Thespian Club
Habitat for Humanity Trend & Design Club
Hi-Lites Winterguard
CentralTV Wipe Out Kids Cancer

International Club/AFS

Young Democrats
Junior Symphony Ball Young Republicans

Closed Campus

School officials have supervisory authority and responsibility for students from the time they arrive on school property until they are dismissed at the end of the day. With the exception of seniors who meet the requirements for an open period, all students are required to remain on campus all day. Students who need to leave campus during the day must have authorization from an administrator through the Attendance office. Parents may call, send a note, or come to the Attendance Office to check students out of school. Students who leave campus without permission are subject to disciplinary action. Seniors or other students who take unauthorized students off campus are also subject to disciplinary action, including possible suspension of parking privileges on campus.

Senior students must show school-issued ID card for the current school year in order to leave campus during open periods and lunches.

Computer Use

School computers, software, and internet access are properties of the Central Independent School District, Central High School students who access unauthorized outside software or unauthorized sites on the Internet or who cause damage or down time for computer equipment which limits or restricts the use of a computer by other students or staff are subject to disciplinary action. Food and drink are not allowed in any computer area. Students are not permitted to have email access via any computer at Central High School. Refer to the Central Student Code of Conduct for complete district authorized use policy.

Conflicts Between Extracurricular Activities

The key to preventing and resolving conflicts between extracurricular activities is open communication among students, coaches, sponsors, and parents. Before signing up to participate in more than one sport and/or activity, the student must review the potential for conflict with both coaches/sponsors. If a review of schedules shows a pattern of conflicts or a major unbreakable conflicts, students will need to choose the activity he/she will participate in. Coaches and sponsors are responsible for providing students and parents with a schedule of the group's activities. Coaches and sponsors will resolve scheduling conflicts, and students will not be intimidated or penalized for any decision made to resolve scheduling conflicts. The relative importance of each event, the importance of each event to the student, the contribution the student can make, and how long the event has been scheduled are all important factors in this decision making process.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the coach and sponsor immediately when a conflict in scheduling becomes known.

In the event of a conflict between two groups, teams, sports, or activities, these general rules will guide the decision making. Academics take precedence over extracurricular activities, and actual competition and public performances take precedence over rehearsals or practices. This means that a classroom-required activity where attendance is mandatory for a grade will take precedence over all other activities (field trip, science project fair, choir or band performance). If one of the activities provides the student with credit in a class and the other doesn't, the student and his/her parent must be informed of the possible consequences of not participating.

If a practice occurs at the same time in two activities, the practice time may be divided equally between the two activities. Students who commit to and who have rehearsed with a performing group or athletic team will be expected to perform/play unless other arrangements are worked out agreeably between the coaches/teachers/sponsors.

Participation in a playoff or championship meet, district, or state tournament activity, including regional, state, and national levels, will take priority over other activities. If a student should choose not to participate in the playoff , championship, regional, state, or national activity, he/she will not be permitted to participate in any activity on that date.


School dances are occasionally held after home sporting events. These dances conclude at 11:30 p.m. The Homecoming Dance is held on a Saturday from 8:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m. with no admittance after 10:00 p.m. Prom is held at an off-site location on Saturday from 8:00 p.m. - 12:00 p.m. with no admittance after 10:00 p.m. No student may leave the dance and later return. Rules relating to appropriate school dress and grooming apply at all school dances. ID's are required for entrance to all school dances. Only Central High School students may attend school dances.

Deliveries and Messages

Due to Texas Education Agency restrictions regarding class interruptions and to prevent class disruption, flowers, balloons, or other gifts will not be delivered to CentralHS students in class. Emergency messages should be delivered to the assistant principal's office.

Distribution or Display of Materials

The Principal and/or his designee must approve the distribution or display of materials on campus.

All aspects of school-sponsored newspapers and yearbooks are completely under the supervision of the teacher and the Principal.

Written materials, signs, posters, handbills, photographs, pictures, petitions, films, tapes, or other visual or auditory materials may not be sold, posted, circulated, or distributed on campus by a student or any other person without the approval of the Principal. Materials sold, posted, and/or distributed without prior approval may be removed and/or confiscated.

Fire, Tornado, and Building Evacuation

All students and personnel will exit the building upon hearing the emergency alarm for fire or building evacuation. Students will follow the evacuation procedures outlined in the fire drill chart or tornado drill chart as directed by their teachers and other building personnel.

Hallway Traffic

Students are not permitted to be in the hallways during class time or lunchtime without teacher permission. Although students may go to the Library or ACAT near the end of their lunch periods, students should not be in any other part of the building without permission. Students must have a pass from the teacher to be excused from class to go to the Clinic

ID Cards

Students are issued an ID card which must be carried at all times to identify them as CentralHS students. ID cards are required to check books out of the library, to check out textbooks, and to enter various school events. Senior students must show their ID in order to leave campus at lunch or on their open period. Replacement ID cards are made in room G214.

Inclement Weather

Monitor the front page of the high school web site ( , watch Cable Channel 16, and listen to local radio and television stations for announcements concerning the possible changing of start or dismissal times in case of inclement weather.


All freshman and sophomores will be assigned a locker at the beginning of the year. Juniors and seniors will have the option of having an assigned locker. Lockers are equipped with built-in combination locks; to ensure the security of the contents of his locker, each student should know his combination and should not give it out to his classmates. Any problems with lockers should be reported to the office in G150.

Changes in locker assignments or combinations require the approval of an administrator.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items are held in the Assistant Principals' office suite. Items that are not immediately identifiable, such as jackets or shirts, are held only until the end of a semester. Textbooks are held at the Business Office.

National Honor Society

A candidate for National Honor Society (NHS) must be at least a junior. If a candidate is not inducted in the fall of the junior year, he or she may be inducted in the fall or spring of the senior year. The keystone values of the NHS are scholarship, leadership, character, and service. To fulfill the scholarship requirement a student must have a 3.6 cumulative GPA at the end of the semester immediately preceding his or her application. The service requirement includes the completion of at least 30 of the service hours required for graduation from CentralHS (starting with the class of 2005 and beyond.) Students who wish to be considered must complete an information form describing their contributions in the areas of leadership and service.

It is expected that NHS inductees will have exhibited exemplary behavior at CentralHS. Serious disciplinary offenses (those resulting in ISS or DAEP placement) or Honor Council offenses may preclude a student's being inducted, or may result in the dismissal of a member from the society. It is also expected that inductees be able to give evidence of service to the school and the community, and that they demonstrate character and positive leadership in the groups, organizations, teams, classrooms, etc. of which they have been a part.

The final decision of who will be inducted comes from a Faculty Advisory Council of five members appointed annually by the Principal.

At the Senior Awards Assembly at the end of each school year, the CentralHS chapter of the National Honor Society presents the Blanket Award to one senior boy and one senior girl for outstanding student achievement and service to the school. Students must apply to be considered. In choosing the award recipients, the NHS Faculty Advisory Council evaluates each applicant's qualifications in each of the four "cornerstone" values of NHS: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.


Seniors and juniors are allowed to purchase parking spaces as soon as they are available. Sophomore permits will be available the second week of school. All parking spaces will be assigned; therefore, parking without a permit is not allowed at CentralHS.

Individual sale or exchanges of parking permits is forbidden and will result in parking permits being revoked from all parties involved. Parking in unauthorized spaces will result in disciplinary action.

Generally, teacher numbered parking spaces will be those adjacent to the school. Students must refrain from parking in any numbered space not assigned to them to allow the faculty the courtesy of having their parking spaces available throughout the school day.

Marked visitor parking is available directly in front of the school. Marked PTA volunteer parking will be available on the north end of the first floor of the parking garage.

Students found to be parking in a spot other than that assigned to them may lose their parking privileges for the current year and/or for the next school year, and they are also subject to disciplinary action.

Personal Property

Students are at all times responsible for their personal property and are strongly encouraged to use lockers with the built-in combination locks or to use their own combination locks in the school and in the physical education dressing rooms.

Student should not bring valuables or large sums of money to school.

Radios, tape players, CD players, or other personal electronic devices may not be used in the hallways, the cafeteria, or the classroom (without specific permission from the classroom teacher of that class).


Students must not plagiarize or copy from others and present that work as their own. Students should know that ANY information taken from ANY other source, other than the student him/herself, MUST be given proper credit. As a general rule, ANY uncited combination of FIVE or more CONSECUTIVE WORDS from any document, including internet documents, other classmates’ work, online translators, and/or any published piece, will be considered plagiarism. In classes of languages other than English, using an electronic translator, tutor, or native speaker to aid the student in completing an assignment at a level beyond the current or student's ability will be considered cheating.

See "School Honor Council" for an explanation of the academic and disciplinary consequences of plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty.

Pledge to the Flags and Moment of Silence

The Texas Legislature passed a bill in the spring of 2003 that requires students to recite the pledges to the United States and Texas flags once each school day. The legislation also requires schools to provide for a minute of silence following the pledges during which students may reflect, pray, meditate, or engage in another silent activity that is not distracting to other students. The law requires school employees to ensure that students remain silent and do not distract other students. Students may be excused from reciting a pledge on written request of the student's parent or guardian. Such requests must be made in writing to the Assistant Principal or to the Principal.

Posters and Signs

Posters for clubs or organizations must be approved by the sponsor (signature and date required on each poster). Posters not affiliated with outside groups must be approved by an administrator. Posters displayed without authorization may be removed.

Posters and signs for athletic events must, by UIL district policy, be positive in nature promoting or supporting the Scots and may not be negative or denigrating the opponent team.

Public Display of Affection

Public display of affection is prohibited on the campus of Central High School. Students are subject to disciplinary action for public displays of affection

School Trips

All students who make school-sponsored trips must be accompanied by a teacher/sponsor and must have the written permission of parents on file before making the trip. Negligence in attending sessions, meeting curfew requirements, or maintaining standards of conduct acceptable to Central High School may justify sending the student home at the family's own expense. In the event of all trips, students are bound by the Central Student Code of conduct, The Handbook, and rules of the school sponsor.

Attendance If Failing

A student may miss a class in which he/she is failing if the trip is part of the curriculum. A student may not miss a class in which he/she is failing to participate in an extra-curricular event.


The Central Independent School District is committed to providing a secure school environment that is safe and free from drugs, weapons, crime, and violence. In pursuit of that goal, Central uses drug-sniffing dogs to enforce the district's zero-tolerance policy against drugs. The schedule for drug-sniffing dogs to be on the Central High School campus will not be announced and is unknown to campus personnel. Dogs will sniff lockers, parking lots, cars, and personal property brought onto the campus but will not sniff students. If the dog signals the possibility of illegal drugs, the locker, car, or property will be searched. Sniffing of cars, lockers, and property by trained dogs does not constitute a search under the Fourth Amendment.

The parking garage on Westchester is under watch by security guards and by a surveillance camera system.

Selective Service Registration

By federal and state law, all 18 year-old males must register with the Selective Service System. Registration is a requirement for federal employment, and failure to register can be very serious for students, including the loss of student loans, grants, scholarships. Selective Service System registration forms may be obtained in the counselors' office, in the main office, from teachers of Government classes, and from the United States Post Office. Young men may also register online at

Sexual Harassment

The Central Independent School District and Central High School strictly prohibits sexual harassment of any type. Whether the conduct is by word, gesture, or any other sexual conduct, students must not engage in unwanted and/or unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature directed toward any student or school district employee.

All reports of student-student, student-adult, and/or adult-adult sexual harassment will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. Sexual harassment of any form will not be tolerated at school or school-related activities.


All school discipline policies and rules apply to CentralHS students at school activities whether on school property or away from school. Students or spectators who fail to exhibit good sportsmanship may be asked to leave the event and may face further disciplinary action.

By virtue of our Student Commitment Statement, our School Mission Statement, and our membership in Texas University Interscholastic League, CentralHS students agree to abide by the Good Sportsmanship Code:

  • maintain pride in self and school.
  • strive to keep high standards of conduct.
  • cheering is always encouraged for one's own team.
  • no taunts, chants, noises, cheers, jeers, songs, profanity, signs, or motions directed to the opposing team, coach, school, or officials. Treat everyone with respect.
  • positive signs may be displayed for one's own team.
  • no disrespect will be shown to the opposing team during introductions.
  • no noise makers
  • abide by the decisions of officials.
  • accept victory or defeat graciously.

According to the UIL Sportsmanship Manual sportsmanship is character displayed through athletic competition. UIL further defines sportsmanship with their "Six Pillars of Character":

  • trustworthiness
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • fairness
  • caring
  • citizenship

The UIL Sportsmanship Manual and the rules of District 12-AAAA list these expectations for acceptable behavior by student groups and by spectators:

  • always provide positive support for your team, rather than intimidating or ridiculing the other team.
  • assist cheerleaders with yells, chants, etc. and be a working part of pep rallies with preparation, organization, and involvement.
  • treat opposing players, coaches, spectators, and support groups with respect and enthusiasm.
  • conduct yourself in an exemplary manner. Remember that you represent your school both at home and away.
  • respect the integrity and judgment of the game officials. Treating them with respect, even if you disagree with their judgment, will reflect positively on your team and school.
  • be an exemplary role model by positively supporting teams in very manner possible, including content of cheers and signs.
  • remember that school athletics are a learning experience and that mistakes are sometimes made.
  • a ticket is a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally assault others or be generally obnoxious.
  • learn the rules of the game so that you may understand and appreciate when certain situations take place.
  • recognize and show appreciation for an outstanding play by either team.
  • refrain from the use of any controlled substances before, during, and after the game on or near the site of the event.
  • be a positive role model at events through your own actions and by censuring those around you whose behavior is unacceptable.

Student Code of Conduct

Copies of the Central Independent School District Student Code of Conduct are available for review at the Principal's office. The Code of Conduct is also posted on the Central and the CentralHS web sites.


Students have access to phones in the main office, G105, and in the counseling office, Student Services, G140 for use in an emergency. Students must not be tardy to class to use the telephone and must have prior permission from their teacher in order to leave class to use the telephone in case of emergency.

Students may use their cellular telephones only in the cafeteria during their lunch periods.

Transcripts and Student Records

Students may request an official transcript in writing from the Registrar in the Counselors' Office.

Central High School complies with current Texas law that requires schools to forward student academic and Special Education records to other schools upon formal request.


Parents are always welcome to visit Central High School. Specific appointments with teachers, counselors, administrators, or other staff members may be scheduled through phone calls or email.

All visitors are required to report to the receptionist's office at the front entrance of the school and obtain a visitor's pass with the Principal's approval.

Because of crowded conditions on this campus and in the interest of school safety, Central High School students are not permitted to bring visitors on campus during regular school hours without prior specific approval of the Principal or Assistant Principal.


Students making a trip sponsored by CentralHS are required to turn in a notarized waiver form. The waiver forms may be obtained from the teacher sponsoring the trip.

In the event of a conflict between the Central Student Code of Conduct and the Handbook, the Student Code of Conduct shall prevail because it is adopted by the Central Board of Trustees, which gives it the force of district policy.

Central policy supersedes all other sources of information. Although the Handbook is updated, accurate, and consistent with district policy and state laws at the time of printing, information in the Handbook is subject to change. Any such changes will be communicated to students and the community immediately via the CentralHS web site and/or other sources.



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